Juyoh Hotel Lobby
Living Room . Tv, computers, video games even guitars are there for you.

The legendary Tatami Room is back ! Let’s take a sit in japanese style.

The shared kitchen is perfect for share a meal together, some people like to cook food from their native country and share with some friendly people around ! Everydays nice atmosphere.

A garden thrives in the center of Juyoh.

Smoking area in the garden.

Sanya Café. let’s enjoy western and japanese meals.

Asuka, Yuki and Sofiene will take care of you in Sanya Cafe.

The view from some of the top floors of Juyoh. Tokyo Skytree is visible, only a 30 minute walk from the hotel.

Wide hallways make for easy checkin/checkout.

Western Twin room. Two chairs can be seen at the table on the left, as well as a TV and fridge.

Japanese-style Twin room. Two small desks and cushions are provided, as well as many shelves for organization.

Western-style Single Loft room. A desk and refrigerator are available, as well as a rack for hanging clothes.

A Japanese-style bath can be enjoyed on the tenth floor. The cost is 400 yen per hour.

Showers for Men and Women are on the second, sixth, and tenth floors.