Japanese-style lounge. The shared kitchen is down the short hall to the right.

The Western-style lounge. There are four public-use computers and a dining table.

A garden thrives in the center of Juyoh.

The view from some of the top floors of Juyoh. Tokyo Skytree is visible, only a 30 minute walk from the hotel.

Wide hallways make for easy checkin/checkout.

Western Twin room. Two chairs can be seen at the table on the left, as well as a TV and fridge.

Japanese-style Twin room. Two small desks and cushions are provided, as well as many shelves for organization.

Western-style Single Loft room. A desk and refrigerator are available, as well as a rack for hanging clothes.

A Japanese-style bath can be enjoyed on the tenth floor. The cost is 300 yen per hour.

Showers for Men and Women are on the second, sixth, and tenth floors.